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Dessignum Constructions

Working with a team of expert designers and builders, who constantly follow the developments and upgrades in the industry is the biggest guarantee of all for an amazing and complete result in completing a project.

“We design with free spirit and responsibility the personal and professional space of successful people.”


The direct service, ideas, respect for the environment and the customer, the design concept and the detail of the construction are our high principles and the way we have chosen to follow to all our projects.

Our Fee Includes:
• Design proposals
• Designed construction
• Integrated design for the completion of the project
• Licenses
• Construction
• Hand delivery
• 3D visualization
• Construction & Design experience
• Project plan
• Bid analysis

Architectural Improvements all over Greece.

The 40-year experience of the first generation of our team has been transformed into the newest zealous and fresh second generation of offspring, combining the embellishment of a unique history in design and construction with the freshest and sophisticated of our time for 12 years. The Greek architecture known since antiquity flows into our blood and the result is so unique that they often invite us for projects outside Greece.

With humility in nature and the environment, and with respect to the person who lives in the space delivered, we create from the heart an original marrying of the history of the place or the history of the building itself.

Cooperation Via Marketing Dept

• Ideal Value For Money

• Supervision Of The Whole Process

• Delivery With Timetable

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