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Dessignum Constructions

Evangelia Valsami & Partners

Our Architects office is famous for its contribution in nearly all structure versions (edifices of unrestricted size), underlining acute care for perfectionism in Design, Supervision, Construction & Renovation. For 30 years, we have been champions in erecting premises along with a compound development scale; our handling of manageable costs makes the endeavors suit any budget.

Equipped with architectural inspiration, artistic flair, and professional know-how, considering each owner unique, we convert earth & buildups obeying your benchmarks & gusto. Having explored lifestyle, activities & gentle elements of your personality, we amend our Marketing Plan/Strategy for the subduing of contractors, masons, technicians, craftsmen hive to your priorities, in all phases.

Services Rendered

• Study & issuing of building permits/morphology drafts.
• Consolidate project per building refurbishment & indoor/outdoor decoration.
• Examination & change of traditional building usage.
• Thematic applications.
• Estimation of cost, quality & feasibility.

Anywhere in Greece/Cyprus, we gaudily proclaim our sole but realistic aim to make your dream true!

Architectural Improvements all over Greece.

Cooperation Via Marketing Dept

• Ideal Value For Money

• Supervision Of The Whole Process

• Delivery With Timetable

Meet Constructions CEO

Evi Valsami

Evangelia Valsami, with 36 years of experience & distinction on conducted design studies, supervises the construction of Factories/Warehouses, Exhibitions/Entertainment Centers, Hotels/Hostels, Residences/Swimming Pools, Malls/Shops, Office Buildings/Blocks of Flats.

As Leader of a large team all over Greece/Cyprus, she has been involved in restoration & maintenance of preserved buildings/monuments, as well as interior/exterior renovation of Institutions, Business Premises, Cultural Spaces, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, TV Studios & more.

Having also undertaken urban planning, she has published work in books & magazines of architectural/decorative interest, while also attended important laboratories on building pathology, classes on aesthetics, training programs etc. Her clientele includes Public Services, Private Businessmen, Groups of Companies, Theaters, Casino Committee (Ministry of Development), Center of Psychic Hygiene (Ministry of Health & Welfare) and so on.

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