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The necessity of Legal Representation in major moves of our lives is known worldwide. Especially when it is not the country to which we belong. Creating any type of transaction in a foreign country requires legal handling especially when you invest, build, or create your own business and manage it from wherever you are without the need for your physical presence. All you need is a great team of Attorneys and Notaries with specific knowledge about both the institutional framework and the tax system of Greece.

“Having succeeded my father in the Legal world, and waiting to give my son my turn, accountability often exceeds every human limit in completing the desired outcome for clients. The smiles of our clients, however, justify us every time!”

Babis Filippoussis

Especially in terms of your first investment in Greece, it is extremely important to prepare the necessary documents in a very short space of time. Contact us to find out what is required to meet your goal, to avoid delays and failures when you are already in Greece.

Representation in the investment process includes:
• Opening a bank account in Greece
• Opening the TAX registration number to the Greek Tax Office
• Study of investment proposal file
• Your representation in the required Public services
• Advice based in the latest legislation of Greece and the European Union (EU)
• Collaboration with a Notary for drafting, and translation of investment contracts
• Registration of your new property to the competent Land Registry
• Issuance of a Visa Residence in Greece

Our Legal team represents with conscience and honor, large business groups, and major private individuals in the economy, for 60 years so far in Greece and abroad. We are in a good position to defend your interests in Greece, even now that major changes are taking place to the harmonization of the legislative framework with the rest of EU, as the process of monitoring changes is our everyday focus in order to ensure you are absolutely secure.

Keeping a regular contact with us for consultation, you gain official information about your affairs, and most likely you are about to discover opportunities that come with the new legislation. You will not have to travel. At your own command we will act in your interests.

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Meet Legal Services CEO

Charalambos Georgios Filippoussis

After succeeded his father George in his 50-year law office and distinguishing the demands of the globalization of finance & the free movement of legal services throughout the European Union, he continues his career participating as a colleague in a large Law firm based in Athens.

He works with Law firms & Companies in all the countries of the European Union, handling cases with his partners in the International Human Rights Court.

Apart from dealing with matters of general law such as Civil & Criminal law, he also specializes in Banking & Corporate law whenever a call has to do with decisions, law modifications and a lot more.

He has been a Legal adviser to major Greek companies in the Construction Industry of public & private projects as long as in Real Estate transactions.

The Law services that we can offer to foreign Investors and potential businessmen are getting started by informing you about Greek legislation and Case Law on Investments, Modifications, Current legislation, Ministerial decisions & provisions, Contacts of customers of the Dessignum platform with the Greek government, plus the beneficial provisions for investments and purchases in Greece.

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