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Dessignum Marketing

In our meta-modern world, sometimes talent or natural abilities along with experience & trained skills are not enough to prevail in enterprises; then we see as necessary the intrusion of Marketing Science, ie a concrete mindset, way of thinking & adaptation process, unique to dispatch full commercial, technical & administrative command!

The art of refining a research into the market peculiarities & of touching the pulse of your consumers’ needs is a sine qua non to the production of notions, services or commodities.

Business Marketing.

Wise projects, optimal design & catapulting marketing deliver results, not to mention the lofty reputation. To keep up on the yielding chain of actions & generate cash flow, we pay huge attention to the following: Best Marketing is the procedure of sketching & fixing a created concept together with its pricing, promotion & distribution, so as to undoubtedly satisfy objectives of individuals & organizations via win-win transactions.

For a prudent selection of your target, before you talk to us, sit back and wonder on the fundamentals of its inherent type: Is it

• Specific?
• Measurable?
• Attainable?
• Realistic?
• Time-logical?

As soon as we have answers on the above, we shall be more than happy to raise you to the skies.

Tracking our method, we first step on the handy volume of Market Research Results penetrating your case scenario, escorted by the Marketing Analysis of the system area you are about to infiltrate. Afterward, we facilitate your conclusion to Golden Decisions needed. From there, it is our job to prepare the correct path for your victorious advance in the field, holding an additional Marketing Plan, parallel to a flexible but also strict schedule.

Our most common services of top quality are

• Improving an existing business/company.

• Activating a marketing strategy/tactics.

• Implementing the marketing plan/schedule.

Enjoy the ride!

Meet Marketing CEO

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Despina has a 22-years successful orbit in the tough industries of Technology & Tourism, in a manner quite eloquent with investment & yielding a profit for all parties involved.

Besides, 14 years of triumphant extrapolation with Real Estate Business, as well as a plethora of deals crowned by laurel wreaths, have earned her 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company.

As Founder & CEO of “Dessignum – Upgrade your living!”, she is cordially willing to introduce clients to more shining Leaders, in other Service Categories of the upmarket level.

Blessing characteristics in her entrepreneurial mode are a strong commitment, the moral consciousness and the unique stance of approaching every case with a personal emphasis.

She feels honored by the sound trust that brilliant people & crucial institutions show vis a vis her high-end performance, due to her accumulated representing the intricate pros & cons of the realty business field; especially in Greece & Cyprus, there would be no serious match to her genuine power of authentic assessments or gravitating advice, as the elite circle of related experts commonly recognize.

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