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Dessignum Marketing

In our meta-modern rapidly evolving world, success is ensured when the team’s talents and abilities are aligned with their experience and education. The ultimate way to achieve this is to use Marketing. In a bottom-up competitive environment, the one who has the advantage of success is the one who has a Marketing strategy. Whenever you look across the globe you will see it.
All you need is an efficient and well experienced Marketing Team to help you conceive and develop Marketing strategies, conduct market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness and competition ventures, comply with the adequate 7Ps for your industry thanks to their essential marketing skills to LEAD your company successfully!

Our goal is your recognition in your industry through the satisfaction, readability, and prestige of your name in the hearts of your customers.

With our knowledge, skills, experience, competencies and expertise, we will escort you to break all the walls limiting you from reaching beyond your success expectations, while making sure the whole process will be very enjoyable!

What we do for you:
Consultancy on any matter related to your business.
Evaluation, Implementation, and Audit of business models and systems.
Training for Companies, Groups, and Individuals, on any business management topic/sector such as: Marketing Research & Development (R&D), Strategy,  Innovation, Design, Facilities, Knowledge, Public Relations (PR), Financial, Programs, Human resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), Procurement, Sales, Operations, Supply chain, Projects, Risks, Change, Quality.

The 23 years we’ve been working with businesses to Upgrade them, we’ve got the certainty that all you need is your decision to succeed. Are you ready to turn a page? Are you ready to smile daily and love your work? If Yes, we look forward to welcoming you to your Bright Future.

Our unparalleled professionalism and continuous monitoring of the World Market is something of a kind to us, and it is what you need to promote your business to the heights you have always wanted

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Meet Marketing CEO

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Despina has a 23-years successful orbit in the tough industries of Technology & Tourism, in a manner quite eloquent with investment & yielding a profit for all parties involved.

Besides, 15 years of triumphant extrapolation with Real Estate Business, as well as a plethora of deals crowned by laurel wreaths, have earned her 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company.

As Founder & CEO of “Dessignum – Upgrade your living!”, she is cordially willing to introduce clients to more shining Leaders, in other Service Categories of the upmarket level.

Blessing characteristics in her entrepreneurial mode are a strong commitment, the moral consciousness and the unique stance of approaching every case with a personal emphasis.

She feels honored by the sound trust that brilliant people & crucial institutions show vis a vis her high-end performance, due to her accumulated representing the intricate pros & cons of the realty business field; especially in Greece & Cyprus, there would be no serious match to her genuine power of authentic assessments or gravitating advice, as the elite circle of related experts commonly recognize.

Meet Marketing Team

Dunia Haddad

• Middle East Regional Facilities Manager at Orange Business Services – Lebanon
• Certified Internal Auditor for ISO Management Systems
• Certified Online Trainer, Business – Life Coach & Motivational Speaker by NFNLP – USA

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