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Dessignum Real Estate

The right way to look at the real estate market, is to realize that even your smallest step in it, is YOUR ENTRY in a huge and complex space that can either make you financially profitable or financially lost.

It is not a matter of luck that many people lose their homes and businesses. It is purely the result of overestimating their ability to know what is happening, and to predict what will happen.

After all, there are scientists like us who are constantly expanding our field of knowledge, no matter how many years of knowledge, experience, and facts we have on our backs.

OCTOBER 2021 – The once famous names of financial market ratings refuse to mix with forecasts concerning Greece.

There are two reasons for this:

A) They often fall short of their predictions.
B) They are currently seeking, all others except their friends, to remain inactive
within the Greek real estate market, so that they have the field of ACTION
undisturbed, and before everyone else.”

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Here we do not need to mention that we can serve you by undertaking EXCLUSIVELY your property for sale and presenting you a property that you asked to buy. This is done by every person who is called a real estate agent and belongs to the sales sector and the fees are co-signed in the contract between us.

We are here to tell you:
• When to buy
• Where to buy
• What to do with the properties you already have
• When to sell
• How much to sell
• We create the strategic plan you need
• We give you the opportunity to participate in unique innovative products of the Greek real estate market .

“Nothing seems so sad in my eyes as the true family stories of people who have been
fortunate enough to inherit real estate and while having children, are slowly but
steadily selling out their inheritance for a living. Nobody ever told them how to
manage their property PROPERLY.”

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

We are here to show you how to triumph in the game of the GREEK real estate market. To be able to earn multiple winnings, one or more times, even in parallel, simply by participating in it. In short, if you have already dealt with the Stock Exchange at some point in your life, you know that when you were taken over by a Stock Exchange Agent, your profits immediately increased. The same happens in real estate, only so far FEW have the access to be taken over by someone.

FAQ: How do I get into this game?

ANSWER: Acquiring property. And ALREADY the first acquisition prescribes your success or failure.

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Meet Real Estate CEO

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Despina has a 33-years successful orbit in the tough industries of Technology & Tourism, in a manner quite eloquent with investment & yielding a profit for all parties involved.

Besides, 18 years of triumphant extrapolation with Real Estate Business, as well as a plethora of deals crowned by laurel wreaths, have earned her 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company.

As Founder & CEO of “Dessignum – Upgrade your living!”, she is cordially willing to introduce clients to more shining Leaders, in other Service Categories of the upmarket level.

Blessing characteristics in her entrepreneurial mode are a strong commitment, the moral consciousness and the unique stance of approaching every case with a personal emphasis.

She feels honored by the sound trust that brilliant people & crucial institutions show vis a vis her high-end performance, due to her accumulated representing the intricate pros & cons of the realty business field; especially in Greece & Cyprus, there would be no serious match to her genuine power of authentic assessments or gravitating advice, as the elite circle of related experts commonly recognize.

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