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Dessignum Real Estate

We learned a lot from a year of quarantine.
Mainly, everything that no school has ever taught us, including the highest in the world.
Progress, work, and investment are a common denominator of successful people.
It was, it is, and it shall be.
We have all established it very well this year.

“The Greek state is taking its first steps, both in the consolidation of the real estate
environment, and in the times of the procedures.

The situation remains complex and more than ever you need the Broker with a variety
of extensive experience, and ongoing training.”

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

The Panhellenic group of Brokers operating as a family, monitors the development of each area where Dessignum operates.
At all times we know everything you want to know first.
You can also enter a waiting list, for a property not offered, the moment you desired to make a new investment.

Our Fee Includes:
• Market survey
• Interview desire
• Market valuation
• Exclusive assignment order
• Collection of profitable Real Estate Development Data
• Priority Plan
• Co-ordination of a buying and selling contract.

“Fulfilling your promises gives you joy, and when you exceed them you reach another level of bliss. I have clients that I called within weeks, for the requested property appeared. There were also some whom I called up to after eight whole years. The joy and the surprise that for so many years, I became an ally in one of their “I want”, was unrepeatable and indescribable.”

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Many of you from around the world have worked with us to date.
We remain the children you met, with our values, ethics, and ideals as our flag.
We enrich our portfolios daily with unsurpassed real estate at the right price, and we offer absolute confidentiality with a pleasant process experience, despite the labyrinthine state.
What is changing?
We become more and better. For us and for you!

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Meet Real Estate CEO

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Despina has a 33-years successful orbit in the tough industries of Technology & Tourism, in a manner quite eloquent with investment & yielding a profit for all parties involved.

Besides, 18 years of triumphant extrapolation with Real Estate Business, as well as a plethora of deals crowned by laurel wreaths, have earned her 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company.

As Founder & CEO of “Dessignum – Upgrade your living!”, she is cordially willing to introduce clients to more shining Leaders, in other Service Categories of the upmarket level.

Blessing characteristics in her entrepreneurial mode are a strong commitment, the moral consciousness and the unique stance of approaching every case with a personal emphasis.

She feels honored by the sound trust that brilliant people & crucial institutions show vis a vis her high-end performance, due to her accumulated representing the intricate pros & cons of the realty business field; especially in Greece & Cyprus, there would be no serious match to her genuine power of authentic assessments or gravitating advice, as the elite circle of related experts commonly recognize.

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