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Dessignum Real Estate

Greece is indeed paradise on earth; everyone fancies a marvelous property here, not least a prospering business! However, chasing such a miracle is not easy, unless you put state of the art professional agents in the game to draw required intelligence, push leverage for your interests & develop the scheme to its fruitful vortex.

Meet the marching staff of our tenacious experts, apt to welcome & host your aspirations in our awesome country!

Pick a property from our list, or tell us of a focus you might be exerting towards other pieces at any corner all over Greece. Our numerous realty hunters are known for their arsenal of a 60 years absolute acquaintance with the local market; they comprehend what kind of solid assistance is expected by foreigners, expats or newcomers who have been living overseas for decades & feel alien or strange here.

With our fleet of such human capital, we help you get far and further. We possess the guarantee to aid you with Guiding & Coordination in order to operate on the peerless scale, definitely on the lines of honesty & secrecy, as deserved for private entities of high esteem.

A key benefit of the said services is our practicing, that your passion is our passion.

Villa in Greece.

Making your dream true can, or even ought to be an affectionate episode, rather than a headache; imagine the fun to finish the deal, by having spent precious time/money on an astonishing while concise cultural venture of merely two trips (the most):

• One to choose your property.
• One to sign up the final Contract.

Has anyone else offered you that? We do because we love smiling clients!

Precise Services

• Bestowing on you samples of the Greek variety.

• Granting you clear judgment of what perfect property is, according to your needs.

• Accepting your order to release your desirable property to the market.

Meet Real Estate CEO

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Despina has a 22-years successful orbit in the tough industries of Technology & Tourism, in a manner quite eloquent with investment & yielding a profit for all parties involved.

Besides, 14 years of triumphant extrapolation with Real Estate Business, as well as a plethora of deals crowned by laurel wreaths, have earned her 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company.

As Founder & CEO of “Dessignum – Upgrade your living!”, she is cordially willing to introduce clients to more shining Leaders, in other Service Categories of the upmarket level.

Blessing characteristics in her entrepreneurial mode are a strong commitment, the moral consciousness and the unique stance of approaching every case with a personal emphasis.

She feels honored by the sound trust that brilliant people & crucial institutions show vis a vis her high-end performance, due to her accumulated representing the intricate pros & cons of the realty business field; especially in Greece & Cyprus, there would be no serious match to her genuine power of authentic assessments or gravitating advice, as the elite circle of related experts commonly recognize.

Meet Real Estate Team

Gregorios Liantas

• Honorary President of the Federation of Greek Realtors

Artemis Mavraki

• President of Real Estate Brokers in Eastern Crete.

• Chief Executive Officer of Chamber of Heraklion, Crete

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